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Your Time Is Important To Us!

99% of our patients are seen within 10 minutes of their dental appointment. If you wait more than 30 minutes after your appointment time to be seen, your co-pay is free. Do you see the dental assistant more than the dentist? Does your dentist "jump" from room to room? Dr. Schalm gives his full attention to his patients and is present during the entire tooth procedure. He also won't be typing on a laptop like your medical doctor does.



Zika, Ebola, Prions, Lyme disease, Babesia, Protomyxzoa, Bartonella, Malaria and other systemic parasites: These are some of the emerging disease pathogens medical experts are seeing in the 21st century.


No other dentist in Michigan has the knowledge of biofilm diseases like Dr. Schalm does. He has extensive knowledge in treating Lyme disease and other complex infections with antibiotic therapy and plant based pharmaceuticals.


Dentists mention their hobbies of golf, baseball and football. Who cares?! NO patient we know comes to our office to find out what the Doctor did in his spare time. Patients come to us because of Dr. Schalm's extensive training and knowledge in his field of dentistry, as well as his knowledge of emerging disease organisms and pharmaceutical effects on the oral cavity and the entire body, including the brain.


Nervous About Dental Injections?

Don't be! We know everyone hates them. Dr. Schalm uses a special technique that makes dental injections virtually pain free. The SOPRO camera will light up the tiniest areas of tooth decay in red. Therefore, our dental laser can efficiently remove tooth decay with no injection or sound of the drill. We will then place a beautiful, tooth-colored filling in its place.


Mercury Free

Why on Earth is your dentist still placing mercury fillings in your mouth? Those fillings contain some of the same metals that are causing problems in Flint's water supply!


Know How Your Teeth Are Made.

Dr. Schalm uses the finest laboratories for his patients. We do not send your crowns, bridges or dentures out of the United States because it's cheaper for the office.



Not happy because you or a loved one has had a failed root canal, failed implant, problematic oral surgery or bad orthodontics? Perhaps your dentist attempted a procedure beyond his training and expertise. Dr. Schalm refers to the finest specialists in Michigan in oral surgery, root canals and orthodontics. These are the specialists that dentists send their own family members to.


Second Opinions

Second opinions are very important.  Dr. Schalm is happy to provide patients with his expert opinion.  All second opinion consultations are complimentary. 

Thorough, Gentle Treatment

Dr. Schalm and his dental hygienist perform a complete oral cancer exam as well as a full periodontal measurement charting at every six month check-up appointment.


His dental hygienist provides the most gentle of professional cleanings and periodontal scaling for her patients.  She has had special training to remove bacteria colonies from gum pockets that are responsible for gum disease and tooth loss.  Recent studies have also shown that these bacterial colonies play a role in heart disease, stroke, oral, throat and colon cancer.  Instruments are well maintained therefore, providing a gentle, light handed cleaning. No more heavy handed dental hygienists to hurt you or make you sore for days.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.

Keep your regular check-up appointments and follow Dr. Schalm's recommendations and your dental work is warranteed: 2 years for fillings, 5 years for laboratory-made dental work.


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